devoted to your child's health

Because we know a hospital stay can be frightening even for adults, Jeff Gordon Children's Hospital at CMC-NorthEast has been designed specifically with children in mind. Here, we have created a friendly environment for pediatric patients and their families, knowing that children have different needs best served in a space entirely devoted to their care.

Jeff Gordon Children's Hospital offers a peaceful, serene setting in which nature is the primary surrounding, with special touches that include a sculpture garden, aquariums, and the use of natural patterns and textures throughout the facility. These design elements help promote an enhanced healing environment proven to reduce anxiety and stress for pediatric patients and their families.

Upon arrival at the Children's Hospital, patients and guests are greeted by beautiful bronzed statues of children at play in the lovely meditation gardens on the lawn of the Clinical Services Building. The Children's Hospital offers a convenient patient drop-off area for easy access to its dedicated entrance where your child's experience begins in a welcoming lobby leading directly to other amenities from our signature elevators.

Alexis Mashburn's story
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